Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Dixie Pre-Order Deadline

Attention Skyuka Lodge

Our Dixie Pre-Orders for Hats, Shirts, Patches, and etc. will end on Jan 31st.

If you do not get your Pre-Orders in by Jan 31st, then due to high demand you will most likely miss out on getting the items you want. This also means if you do not sign up for Dixie before Jan. 31st, you may not be able to get your full Staff "Diddie" Bag. We only have the opportunity to host Dixie once every decade. So please ensure that you don't miss out on Pre-Ordering the items you may want! Once you have per-ordered the items you want, you will be able to pick them up at the 2018 Dixie.

To sign up/Pre-order click here

Yours in Brotherhood,

Addison Fox

Skyuka Lodge Chief

OA Troop Representative Program

Attention Troop Leaders,

Skyuka Lodge is in the process of building our OA Troop Representative Program. This program is intended to help supply your OA Troop Reps with information and tools from Skyuka Lodge. It will also allow your OA Reps to have a direct line of communication with Skyuka Lodge. This will ensure they always have up-to-date information from the OA!

We would like to invite all of the OA Troop Representatives in Skyuka Lodge to attend our Lodge Leadership Development on Feb.3rd at New Beginnings United Methodist Church Boiling Springs SC.

While at the Lodge Leadership Development, we will be distributing Lodge Calendars to the OA Reps to take back to their Units. These calendars have all of our Lodge event dates for 2018, and web address links to Skyuka's news outlets. We want to make sure everyone is staying connected! Also, the OA Reps will learn invaluable leadership skills to use in their Troops and in the Lodge at the LLD.

The position of OA Troop Rep can be used to earn Eagle Scout, so please make sure your OA Rep gets this message!

If your OA Rep is unable to attend, please have them sign up for our new Remind101 messaging system. Tell them to text @SkyukaRep to the number 81010 to start getting updates directly from Skyuka Lodge.

To sign up for the LLD, go to:

Price LLD: $5.00

Price for banquet: $20

You can sign up for one or both at the web address above.


Addison Fox

Skyuka Lodge Chief

Skyuka Lodge’s 2018 LLD

Our LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) is coming up on February 3rd!
The LLD is a fantastic way to learn/improve your Leadership skills.
During the LLD we will learn more about what it takes to be a Lodge Leader, and how to serve not only our Lodge but our Troops as well.
It is a great event for those who are aspiring to be Lodge Leaders, Troop Leaders, and to those who just want to learn more!
The LLD will be the same day and same location as the Lodge Banquet. It will start early on Feb 3rd at 11:00 AM at New Beginnings United Methodist Church Boling Springs Spartanburg SC.
Click here to sign up for the LLD event, or you can pay a $5 walk in fee.
(Did we mention that you will receive a patch for attending?)
I hope to see you all there!
Addison Fox
Skyuka Lodge Chief

Hello Skyuka,
Do you want to give the gift of Scouting this year?
Then please consider sponsoring a young scout from our Ethan Giving tree in the Palmetto Scout Shop.
Your contribution will not only mean the world to a young scout, but it will hopefully spark the fire of cheerful service in them.
To sponsor a Scout, head on over the Palmetto Scout Shop to pick a card off the Ethan Tree.
Thank you all for setting the example for Scouts!
Addison Fox,
2018 Lodge Chief

Sign up for Dixie 2018 Today!

Dixie 2018 registration is now live!

The Dixie Fellowship is a weekend like no other! It is an event where 10 Lodges from our area gather to compete against one another, both in sport and spirit!

However, this year Skyuka Lodge has the privilege of hosting the Dixie! A Lodge only gets to host this event once every decade. As a youth scout, you only get to help host Dixie once in your lifetime.

Keep in mind that Dixie pre-orders (Shirts, patches, etc..) will go fast! Don't miss out!

The Dixie will be held on April 27th-29th

So don't wait another day, and sign up today at:

I hope to see you all there!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Addison Fox

2018 Lodge Chief


Skyuka Lodge Banquet Registration now live!

Attention Brothers!

Registration for the 2018 Lodge Banquet is now live!

The Banquet is always a great time for fun and fellowship. Plus, it is an excellent way to start getting pumped for Dixie 2018!

During the Banquet, we will reflect on our previous year as a Lodge and start looking forward to what lies down the road. From hosting Dixie to experiencing NOAC 2018, this upcoming year is packed full of adventure!

Plus, we will be having a silent patch auction as well!

This year the Banquet will be held by the Spartan Chapter on February 3rd, at New Beginnings United Methodist Church, Boiling Springs, SC.

So wait no longer. Sign up today!

Sign up here:

Address: 210 Rainbow Lake Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29316

Yours in Brotherhood, Addison Fox