Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years


Congratulations and "Welcome" to our newly made Ordeal members!  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Fall Fellowship and at other Order of the Arrow activities in the future. To those 36 brothers who sealed their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members, we extend a welcoming handshake as you join the majority membership in the Order.  Use your time as a brotherhood member to serve your local units, the lodge and our projects at the Palmetto Scout Reserve properties. A special "Congratulations" to those six individuals who were called from among their brothers to take their place among other Vigil Honor members of the lodge:
  • Bill Stevens
  • Ryan Hobbs
  • David McArther
  • Steve Rhodehamel
  • Justin Rhodehamel
  • Brent Lowney
Your calling from among our Brotherhood members is testiment to your continued service to Skyuka Lodge, the Palmetto Council, your districts and units. To all again we say "Congratulations"!

Register for the 2013 Summer Ordeal

The Summer Ordeal on August 2-4, 2013 may be the most exciting time in the life of the lodge – as we welcome in new members in large numbers to our brotherhood. Ordeal candidates might find this page helpful. If you are an Ordeal candidate, please be sure to eat a good meal before arriving at camp on Friday night and please don’t pre-order a steak from the lodge as you’ll be unable to cook it before your adventure begins on Friday night. Any existing Ordeal member that became an Ordeal member of the lodge at last year’s Summer Ordeal (or before) is eligible to work toward Brotherhood status. You might find this site helpful. You should also know how to sing the Order of the Arrow song found HERE. Summer Ordeal registration will be open from June 17 until sometime on July 25th. Exact open and close times are regulated by a computer server, so be sure to register early to avoid missing online registration.  

Registration Is Now Closed


Camp Work Day, Saturday, June 1st.

This Saturday, June 1st, we will hold our final Mountain Biking Trail Work Day at Camp Bob Hardin. The Lodge will be providing lunch. Please plan to get to camp by 10 AM and come down to the Trading Post in the lower part of camp. Bring shovels, saws, gloves, and rakes. We need a chain saw or two (or 3) also. Please RSVP to Jimmy Summers so we can plan on lunch numbers.

Jimmy's email address is:

Jimmy Summers Email Address

We need one last push to get the final trail open on the lower end of camp - so please plan to come out this Saturday!

Skyuka Lodge’s New Leadership

Your New Leaders - Title - Congratulations to the latest group of young men to step forward and take the reigns of leadership in Skyuka Lodge.  The following were elected at the lodge's Spring Fellowship and will serve a one-year term:
  • Lodge Chief - Steven Long
  • Vice Chief Program - Joseph Kovas
  • Vice Chief of American Indian Affairs (AIA) - Daniel Watson
  • Vice Chief Inductions - Douglas Fast
  • Secretary - Britt Helms, Jr.
  • Treasurer - Ryan Hobbs
Chapters with a representative group of members present at the Spring Fellowship also elected new chapter chiefs.  Those elected were:
  • Braden Campbell - Spartan Chapter
  • Dylan Harllee - York Chapter
The remaining chapters will keep their chiefs from last year until a representative group of members can meet and decide whether to keep their carry-over chief or elect a new chief.

Time To Submit Your Articles For The Tanawa

Please use THIS LINK to submit your articles for the Spring Fellowship edition of the Tanawa newsletter (Voted 2nd best newsletter in SR-5). Here is a list of some of the articles we'd like to receive and who is responsible for sending them in:
  • Dixie 2013 Wrap Up - Dixie Chairman
  • NOAC - NOAC Chairman/Advisor - Got It!
  • Letter From The Chief - Lodge Chief
  • Letter From The Lodge Advisor - Lodge Advisor
  • Chapter News - Each Of Our Chapter Chiefs
  • AIA News - VC of AIA
  • Camp Bob Hardin Update - Camping Promotions Chairman
  • List Of Items We Hope To Accomplish At The Spring Fellowship - ??
  • Anyone else that wants to submit an article...
We'd like to receive these no later than May 7th, 2013 to give the Media Chairman time to work his magic and then for brother Dennis Kimbrell to print them for us.

2013 Dixie Fellowship Roundup

2013 Dixie -Skyukaville - Flamingos - Skyuka 270

The 2013 Dixie was a fantastic gathering of eleven lodges from the Southeast Region Area 5 at Camp Ho Non Wah in Charleston.  There was no doubt that everyone in attendance knew that Skyuka was in the house.  From the early morning conch shell serenade wake-up calls to the flocks of pink plastic flamingos that appeared out of nowhere, the residents of Skyukaville were loud and proud!

It is disappointing that we were unable to retire the spirit award, but Skyukaville residents can be proud of themselves and their efforts when they gaze upon the list of achievements below:
  • Section Honor Lodge
  • Lodge of the Year: 2nd
  • Spirit: 2nd
  • Quest for the Golden Arrow: 1st 
  • Newsletter: 2nd
  • Planbook: 3rd
  • Website: 1st
  • Lodge Display: 2nd 
  • Totem Pole: 2nd 
  • Training: 1st
  • Fire Building: 1st
  • Rifle Shooting: 1st
  • Tent Pitching: 1st
  • Rope Throw: 1st
  • Tug-O-War: 3rd
  • Individual Dance (Fancy): Matt Harris 1st 
  • Parade of Braves (Fancy): Matt Harris 1st