Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Important Notice – 2018 Lodge Due Increase


I hope everyone is having a good start to this busy holiday season!  Please take a few moments to read the following regarding the due increase for the 2018 lodge year.

As decided on by the current Lodge Executive Board with input from the upcoming board members, the decision to increase the price of dues from $15.00 U.S. Dollars to $20.00 U.S. Dollars was made during a special Lodge Executive Board meeting on November 12, 2017.  The $1.00 service charge to use a debit or credit card will continue to be applied.  The reason for the increase is to cover the increase being imposed upon the lodge by the national office as well as to allow for the increase in financial contribution requirements in the upcoming Journey to Excellence program.  This meeting also served to approve the addition of the 2018 Carolina Indian Seminar registration to be added to the O.A. Registration page on the council website.  Both matters of business were approved during the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting can be found by clicking here.

Click here to pay for your annual dues.

If you have any questions regarding the decision, please feel free to contact me at via email at or by phone at 803.899.0968.

I would like to thank you all for your understanding of our decision to increase our annual dues and our reasoning behind the increase.

Yours in Continued Service,

Cole Taylor

Skyuka Lodge Chief

Volunteers Needed – 9/16/2017

  At the 2017 Summer Ordeal, the Lodge Executive Board voted and approved to sponsor the Palmetto Council Cub Scout Shoot-O-Ree at Camp Conley Clarke on September 16, 2017. Our sponsorship includes volunteering to help as needed. Please fill out the following form to help us know who is able to help. On behalf of your lodge leadership, thank you for your service!

Click here for the Google Form.

Click here for directions to Camp Conley Clarke.

As this is a lodge sponsored event, please wear your sash with uniform to represent our lodge.

Yours in Brotherhood, Cole Taylor, Skyuka Lodge Chief