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Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Register For The 2014 Dixie – Pre-Orders Through 01/19/14


Dixie Patch 2014

The 2014 gathering of lodges from SR-5, known as the Dixie Fellowship, will take place on the weekend of April 25-27 at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC with Santee Lodge as our host. This is always a good time of spirit, teamwork, fellowship, food and fun.  You won't want to miss it!  Space is limited, so get your orders and registration in early. Pre-order items are available from midnight on 12/16/13 until mid-afternoon on 01/19/14.   After 01/19/14 you will still be able to order extra Skyuka Lodge Dixie t-shirts and hats and register for the event until midnight on 02/28/14 at which time those items will also no longer be available. Note that in order to pre-order items for the Dixie you must also sign up as a delegate.  Skyuka lodge will not fulfill orders for items ordered by those who are not also signing up as a delegate.  Delegates fees include the following:  1 Skyuka Lodge event flap, 1 Skyuka Lodge event shirt, 1 Dixie delegate patch, Dixie ditty bag, meals and spirit items.

Registrations For The 2014 Dixie Fellowship Are Closed



Just When You Thought It Was Too Late To Register For Dixie…

The Key-3, while eating a cheeseburger in paradise, decided that we needed to add more arrowmen to the flock of Skyukaville residents attending this year's Dixie Fellowship.  So they decided to extend Dixie registration all the way to April 1st (and this is no April Fool). Registration is only $55 and we've made it really easy to register.  Just click on the link below to get signed up and send payment via Paypal.

Oops!  You Waited Too Long To Register Registration Is Now Closed

Dixie Registration Cut Off Is March 5th NOW APRIL 1ST!

While the time to register and purchase pre-order items for this year's Dixie Fellowship has come and gone, you can still register for the actual event by clicking on the link to the registration process below and then sending your current BSA medical form to the Palmetto Council office. Note that April 1st is the NEW absolute cut-off for being able to register for this year's Dixie Fellowship, so get your registrations and money into the council office as soon as possible. Be sure that you send a copy of your current BSA medical form to the council office ASAP for the Dixie Fellowship as well.

Dixie Registration – NOW Through January 18th – For Pre-Orders

Use the form below to register for the Dixie Fellowship, held at Camp Ho Non Wah near Charleston, SC from April 19-21st, 2013 The $55 fee is requred of all attendees and includes a Skyua-themed Dixie t-shirt, a Skyua-themed Dixie flap and some spirit items. Registrations recieved prior to January 19th are guaranteed to recieve their Ditty Bag and 2013 Dixie Fellowship Delegate Patch and pre-order items.  Those received after January 19th will not be able to pre-order any of the Dixie items. Be sure to include a copy of your current BSA Medical Form (Parts A, B and C) with the registration form when you send it and your payment to the council office.  Instructions are on the form found below in PDF format.

Pre-Registration Has Ended.  See Later Post To Register For Event Only.

Breaking News: Skyuka Wins SR-5 Spirit Award For 2nd Year In A Row!

Here is the run-down of Skyuka's successes at the 2012 Dixie Fellowship:

Lodge Honors

  • Section Honor Lodge
  • Lodge of the Year (2nd)
  • Spirit (1st)


  • Website (1st)
  • Newsletter (2nd)
  • Planbook (3rd)
  • WTG Camping (3rd)

Quest for the Golden Arrow

  • Overall Quest (3rd)
  • Basketball (2nd)
  • Cross Country (1st)
  • Knot Tying (2nd)
  • Rope Throw (2nd)
  • Arrow/Softball (1st)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (1st)

Indian Affairs

  • Fancy Dance Individual and Parade of Braves-Matt Harris (2nd)

Lodge Games Registration

Now is the time to register to attend the 2012 Skyuka Lodge Games at Camp Bob Hardin on March 23-25th, 2012. Skyuka Lodge Games event is a great opportunity to find those arrowmen among us who have the right combination of luck and skill to head up each of the events  that we'll face in April at the 2012 Dixie Fellowship. We hope to see you there!

Registration Has Now Ended

2012 Dixie Fellowship Registration

Be among the arrowmen that represent Skyuka Lodge as part of the 2012 Dixie Fellowship contingent. Now is the time to get your registration in (see the link to the form in PDF format below) to secure your place as a member of the OA-Team!  

Registrations and payment need to be into the council office by January 19th, 2012.  Be sure to indicate on the registration form any additional Dixie items that you'd like to purchase and add the cost of those items to the $50 event registration fee. Also be sure to send in a copy of your current physical form with your registration and payment.


2012 Dixie Registration Form