Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

2017 Summer Ordeal, August 4-6, 2017

The registration for the 2017 Summer Ordeal is open.  Be careful when you are registering; there are different options (Ordeal Candidate, Brotherhood Candidate, Old Brother, and an option for a steak dinner for Brotherhood Candidates and Old Brothers on Friday evening). Use this link to take you to the registration page. OA Events Registration Page Don't forget to bring your health forms Friday evening when you register.

Sign Up For Fall Fellowship on November 4th-6th, 2016

What-Cha-Ma-Dinger This year's Skyuka Lodge Fall Fellowship is a weekend later than normal, November 4-6, 2016..  It will still be a lot of fun for all who are able to attend. Those Ordeal members that are eligible may crystallize their tie with the Order by gaining their Brotherhood status.   More than most other lodge events, this one features Indian seminars and pow wows for those who wish to learn more. Additionally, our chapters will compete against one another in our Chapter Games event. While this may seem like the last lodge event of the year, it is really setting the stage for the events of the year to come. Registration will close on the evening of October 28th.  Those who show up without registering will pay event fees plus a $5.00 surcharge.

Click Here To Register For The 2016 Fall Fellowship


Register Now For The Fall Fellowship

DHTB PumpkinThe Fall Fellowship is probably the most important meeting of the members of Skyuka Lodge because much goes on at this event that affects the lodge during the year to come. Those Ordeal members that are eligible may crystallize their tie with the Order by gaining their Brotherhood status.   Like all other lodge events, this one features Indian seminars for those who wish to learn more. Additionally, our chapters will compete against one another in our Chapter Games event. While this may seem like the last lodge event of the year, it is really setting the stage for the events of the year to come. Registration will close on the evening of October 25th.  Those who show up without registering will pay event fees plus a $5.00 surcharge.

Registration for the 2015 Skyuka Lodge Fall Fellowship Has Been Closed.

Registration listings will be updated each Friday and at the close of registration - Current As Of 10/25/2015 @ the close of registration.
Those registered to attend so far are: 1. Anderson, Nicholas 2. Atchley, Guy 3. Atchley, Ryan 4. Barnhill, Gray 5. Bartlett, Doug 6. Barton, Alex 7. Bass, Bobby 8. Bass, Evan 9. Beach, Wyatt 10. Berry, David 11. Binkley, William 12. Blackwood, Kevin 13. Boone, Wes 14. Bopp, Nick 15. Brezina, Tyler 16. Brown, Cameron 17. Brown, Derek 18. Burtelle, Austin 19. Campbell, Braden 20. Cash, Richard 21. Cassar, Charles 22. Conklin, Zachary 23. Couch, Emerson 24. Crosby, Jacob 25. Crosby, Michael 26. Davis, Clyde 27. Dunn, Geoffry 28. Dunn, John 29. Faulkenberry, Danny 30. Flanagan, George 31. Fox, Addison 32. Garrison, Christopher 33. Goins, Tatum 34. Grna, Nicholas 35. Grna, Vince 36. Grooms, Allen 37. Grooms, Dee 38. Grooms, John Wayne 39. Grooms, Lowell 40. Hall, Wayne 41. Helms, Britt 42. Helms, Britt Jr. 43. Hoover, Kyle 44. Hoover, Rick 45. Humphries, Jon 46. Humphries, Kristina 47. Kimbrell, Dennis 48. Lifsey, Matthew 49. Little, Kendall 50. Love, Liam 51. Lynch, Russell 52. Maguire, Jim 53. Malphrus, Dan 54. Martin, Thomas 55. McArthur, John 56. McCall, Benjamin 57. McFarland, Kristopher 58. McGaity, Wayne 59. McGarity, Beth 60. McGarity, Steven 61. McKinney, Dennis 62. McPherson, Alan 63. McPherson, Bill 64. Nauttal, Stephen 65. Nord, Marshall 66. Nord, Mattingly 67. Outen, Gabriel 68. Puzzio, Trevor 69. Rhodehamel, Steve 70. Roberts, Aiden 71. Roberts, Hunter 72. Roberts, Troy 73. Robinson, Glenn 74. Robinson, Max 75. Rose, Noah 76. Rose, Will 77. Schmal, Peter 78. Shytles, Eric 79. Shytles, Frank 80. Simmons, David 81. Simmons, Roz 82. Sinclair, Claude 83. Sinclair, Jordan 84. Stone, Caleb 85. Stone, Jimmie 86. Stoner, Bob 87. Stoner, Elizabeth 88. Stoner, Glenn 89. Stroud, Jacob 90. Summers, Jack 91. Summers, Jimmy 92. Taylor, Cole 93. Taylor, Creighton 94. Taylor, Samuel 95. Teska, Hart 96. Teska, Lennie 97. Thomas, Taylor 98. Thornburg, Barry 99. Thornburg, Jeff 100. Turner, Daniel 101. Turner, Jesse 102. Weakland, Brice 103. Weakland, Keegan 104. Wells, Randy 105. Wells, Tom 106. White, Bob 107. White, Rayfeale 108. Wiggins, Anthony 109. Winslow, Jesse

2015 Summer Ordeal Registration

The Summer Ordeal on August 14-16, 2015 may be the most exciting time in the life of the lodge – as we welcome in new members in large numbers to our brotherhood. Ordeal candidates might find this page helpful. If you are an Ordeal candidate, please be sure to eat a good meal before arriving at camp on Friday night and please don’t pre-order a steak from the lodge as you’ll be unable to cook it before your adventure begins on Friday night. Any existing Ordeal member that became an Ordeal member of the lodge at last year’s Summer Ordeal (or before) is eligible to work toward Brotherhood status. Those doing so might find this site helpful: Brotherhood candidates (and all brothers, really) should also know how to sing the Order of the Arrow song found HERE. Summer Ordeal registration will be open from late June until sometime on August 9th when it will automagically close. Exact open and close times for registration are regulated by a computer server, so be sure to register early to avoid missing online registration deadline.

Registration For the 2015 Skyuka Lodge Summer Ordeal Is Closed

The following members and candidates have registered for the event: 1) Agdaca, Kendric 2) Akridge, Buddy 3) Anderson, Aaron 4) Atchley, Guy 5) Atchley, Robert 6) Bagnell, Trevor 7) Bannon, Tobias 8) Bartlett, Doug 9) Barton, Alex 10) Barz, Robert 11) Bass, Bobby 12) Bass, Evan 13) Belk, Jonathan 14) Benson, Andrew 15) Benson, Jeff 16) Berry, Travis 17) Binkley, Bill 18) Binkley, Williams 19) Blackmon, Aidan 20) Blackwell, Stephen 21) Blankman, Tyler 22) Boone, Wesley 23) Bouldin, Wayne 24) Bowers, Kaleb 25) Brake, Hank 26) Broadus, Joseph Jr. 27) Brown, Cameron 28) Brown, Derek 29) Brown, Jackson 30) Buckley, Sam 31) Burden, George 32) Burtelle, Austin 33) Cantrell, Max 34) Carey, Patrick 35) Carter, Brandon 36) Cash, Richard 37) Cassar, Charles 38) Cecil, Sam 39) Chambers, Andy 40) Chambers, Doug 41) Chambers, Joshua 42) Charles, Craig 43) Charles, Harry 44) Charles, Sam 45) Christensen, Parker 46) Cockerill, Dan 47) Cohen, Jason 48) Collins, Kenneth KC 49) Conklin, Zachary 50) Couch, Emerson 51) Crosby, Jacob 52) Crosby, Michael 53) Culver, Danny 54) Culver, Matthew 55) Davis, Clyde 56) Davis, Eric 57) Davis, Mason 58) Davis, Mike 59) Davis, Todd 60) Dean, Jack 61) Demchak, John M 62) Demchak, John P 63) Dunn, Geoff 64) Dunn, John 65) Edwards, Michael 66) Eldridge, Andrew 67) Ezell, Bailey 68) Fast, Caleb 69) Fast, Doug 70) Fast, Douglas 71) Faulkenberry, Danny 72) Fey, Drew 73) Fey, Erik 74) Fey, Will 75) Fields, Adam 76) Floyd, Carter 77) Floyd, Greyson 78) Folz, Brandon 79) Folz, Ryan 80) Foos, Andrew 81) Foos, Anthony 82) Fowler, Chris 83) Fox, Addison 84) Freedman, Benjamin 85) Frost, Chadwick 86) Gallo, Nicholas 87) Garrison, Chris 88) Goins, Tatum 89) Goldman, Max 90) Goode, Hayden 91) Goode, Kevin 92) Griffin, Caleb 93) Grooms, Allen 94) Grooms, Dee 95) Grooms, John Wayne 96) Grooms, Winky 97) Grover, Charles 98) Gurley, Clay 99) Gurley, Paul 100) Gwin, Paul 101) Harllee, David 102) Harllee, Dylan 103) Harris, Nicholas 104) Hayes, Kylan 105) Helm, Audra 106) Helm, David 107) Henderson, Will 108) Henson, Jody 109) Hill, John 110) Holmes, Bob 111) Hoover, Rick 112) Hosage, Paul 113) Hosage, Richard 114) Hospodar, Andrew 115) Hospodar, William 116) Howe, Alex 117) Humphries, Jon 118) Humphries, Kristina 119) Inglett, David 120) Jenkins, Kyle Aidan 121) Jenkins, Matthew 122) Jenkins, Nolan Connor 123) Jeter, Anderson 124) Johansen, Jared 125) Johnson, Joshua 126) Johnson, Scott 127) Jones, Dalton 128) Jones, Sadler 129) Jungkind, Bern 130) King, Rob 131) Kirol, Harrison 132) Kobes, Grant 133) Lawton, Will 134) Lebling, Patrick 135) Lester, Johnny 136) Lind, Joshua 137) Little, Kendall 138) Long, Rick 139) Long, Steven 140) Ludolph, Ben 141) Ludolph, Bob 142) Ludolph, Zach 143) Lynch, Cooper 144) Lynch, James 145) Lynch, Morgan 146) Lynch, Russell 147) Madsen, Ben 148) Maguire, Jim 149) Malphrus, Dan 150) Martin, Stanley 151) McArthur, John 152) McFarland, Keith 153) McGarity, Beth 154) McGarity, Steven 155) McGarity, Wayne 156) McHenry, Russell 157) McMillin-Goodwin, Reid 158) McPherson, Alan 159) McPherson, Bill 160) McPherson, William 161) Mercer, Robert 162) Merritt, Seth 163) Moore, Caleb 164) Moore, David 165) Moore, Patrick 166) Moore, Will 167) Morales, Deborah 168) Morales, William 169) Moser, James 170) Moss, Stephen 171) Musmacker, Andrew 172) Neely, Ethan 173) Neidenbach, Thomas 174) Norment, Rick 175) Norment, Walt 176) Northey, Jayden 177) Novick, James 178) Odom, Blakeley 179) Okolita, Joey 180) Olinger, Sean 181) Outen, Gabreal 182) Overcarsh, Charles 183) Pieper, Brenton 184) Pieper, Mark 185) Pitts, William 186) Pool, Jonathan 187) Puzzio, Aidan 188) Puzzio, Trevor 189) Quinn, Adam 190) Rempel, Alexander 191) Rhodehamel, Justin 192) Rhodehamel, Steve 193) Ricahrds, Dalton 194) Roberts, Aiden 195) Roberts, Hunter 196) Roberts, Troy 197) Robinson, Glenn 198) Robinson, Max 199) Rose, Noah 200) Rose, Will 201) Ross, Benjamin 202) Ross, Noah 203) Ross, Tracy 204) Rudolph, Bennett 205) Scheel, Graham 206) Schmal, Peter 207) Setzer, Steven 208) Sewell, Robby 209) Shive, Nate 210) Shytles, Eric 211) Shytles, Frank 212) Simmons, David 213) Simmons, Roz 214) Sinclair, Claude 215) Sinclair, Jordan 216) Snipes, Colebry 217) Song, Ethan 218) Sosebee, Jacob 219) Sposa, Chase 220) Starnes, Caleb 221) Steppe, Harrison 222) Steppe, Kreg 223) Stevens, Bill 224) Stone, Caleb 225) Stone, Jimmie 226) Stoner, Elizabeth 227) Stoner, Glenn 228) Strehl, Zack 229) Stroud, Jacob 230) Summers, Alex 231) Summers, Jack 232) Summers, Jimmy 233) Sutrm, Jason 234) Switzer, Paul 235) Taylor, Cole 236) Taylor, Creighton 237) Taylor, Samuel 238) Tharp, Trinity 239) Tharp, Tydris 240) Thieman, Hugh Henry 241) Thomas, Glenn 242) Thomas, Jody 243) Thomas, Justin 244) Thomas, Matthew 245) Thomas, Ryan 246) Thomas, Taylor 247) Thompson, Stephen 248) Towe, Jacob 249) Townsend, James 250) Traywick, Colin 251) Turner, Daniel 252) Turner, Jesse 253) Vance, Tyler 254) Vogeler, Janet 255) Wagner, Joshua 256) Watkins, Russ 257) Watkins, Russell 258) Weakland, Brice 259) Weakland, Keegan 260) Weller, Graham 261) Wells, Randy 262) West, Adam 263) White, Bob 264) White, Rayfeale 265) Whiteaker, Nathan 266) Whitesell, Eli 267) Whitesell, Tim 268) Wiggins, Anthony 269) Wiley, Jackson 270) Wilson, Alexander 271) Wilson, Stephen 272) Wood, Pierce 273) Woods, Alex 274) Woods, Bradley 275) Woody, Carter 276) Woody, Doug 277) Woody, Evan 278) Yendall, Aeon 279) Youngblood, Andrew

Registration for Lodge Games Extended to March 22th

Green EggsAt the direction of lodge leadership the deadline for registering for lodge games has been extended until late afternoon on March 22nd, 2015.  This is to give more Skyuka brothers time to get registered for this important event used to prepare for our Dixie Fellowship appearance. Please use the link below to register for this important upcoming event.

Registration For This Event Has Closed

Congratulations To Our Award Recipients

2015-02-11 12.10.34The Chester Chapter did an excellent job with the Annual Skyuka Lodge Awards Banquet held at the Gateway Conference Center in Richburg, SC. 2014 Founders Award Congratulations to Ryan Hobbs and Jimmy Summers for being selected as recipients of the Founder's Award for 2014.
2014 Indian on the Mountain Award Also honored for their dedicated service to the lodge during the past year with the Skyuka Indian on the Mountain award were Lodge Chief Joseph Kovas and Keith McFarland.

Lodge Games set for March 27th-29th, 2015 @ CBH

GreenEggs Banner A key component to being a force to be reckoned with at the Dixie Fellowship is the preparation that happens prior to the event.  With that in mind, all Skyuka brothers who are signed up to attend the 2015 Dixie are strongly encouraged to sign up for and attend the Lodge Games event on March 27th-29th at Camp Bob Hardin. While there, we will tie up loose ends (Thing 1 and Thing 2), brainstorm winning ideas, practice quest events, put the polish on our lodge display, tune our noisemakers and generally get ready to have a great Dixie.  Who knows, we may even have green eggs and ham for breakfast and roast beast for dinner. We look forward to seeing you at the Lodge Games!

Registration For Lodge Games Has Closed

2014 Spring Fellowship Registration

May 16,2014 - May 18,2014    Time: 5:00 pm - 10:30 am
The Skyuka Spring Fellowship is our first lodge event following the Dixie and is always lots of fun.  It is filled with lots of activities as well as opportunities to provide cheerful service to Camp Bob Hardin as we help get it ready for the nearly 1000 campers that will arrive in the coming weeks.  We'll also elect new lodge and chapter youth leaders as part of the Spring Fellowship. If you know any scouts or scouters who were unable to attend the Summer Ordeal in 2013, make sure that they are aware of this fellowship as it will be their last opportunity to gain membership in the Order without having to be re-elected. Also, if you know of any Ordeal members who are eligible for Brotherhood, be sure to make them aware of the upcoming event as well.  We look forward to seeing you all at Skyuka Lodge’s Spring Fellowship on May 16th-18th, 2014 at Camp Bob Hardin. NOTE: Remember, all attendees must register using the online system, even if paying by check mailed to the Palmetto Council office.  This is a great help to centralize the registration process for our lodge secretary as he works to get attendees signed in at the event and helps us plan for buying food for the event. There is a $5.00 fee added to the regular registration fees for those that show up without signing up online, and those folks are always the last in line for meals as well.
Registration Automagically Closes Sometime On May 9th  May 12th, 2014

Registration For The Spring Fellowship Is Closed