Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

T-Bird Club Membership

In 2012, Skyuka Lodge offered an "all-access" club for those that prefer to pay a one-time fee to register for lodge events. This is being offered again in 2014 and will only be available until March 1st, 2014. Becoming a member of the exclusive T-Bird Club will automatically register you for the following events during the year:
  • Lodge Games
  • Spring Fellowship
  • Summer Ordeal
  • Fall Fellowship
  • & Your Yearly Dues
The T-bird Club fee does not include the Dixie Fellowship or the Lodge Banquet.

What are the benefits?

  • A $10 discount over paying for the covered events and fees separately.
  • The lodge will hold your medical form for the entire year so you won't have to worry about bringing it each time.
  • You'll receive event patches for all of the events you registered for - whether or not you were actually able to attend.

How Do I Join?

  • Complete this online purchase and then send a copy of the current health form to the Council office.  Be sure to mark "T-Bird Club" on the front of your health form.

Do I Still Register Online For Events Even Though I've Already Paid?

  • Yes,  you'll still need to go to the e-store and register for each of the events that you plan to attend, but you'll select "T-Bird Club"  as the method of payment.  There will be no charge - unless you elect to have the lodge provide a steak for you for the opening meal at each of the events.  If you want a steak to be provided, just select and pay for that part only.
  • The only other item not covered by the T-Bird Club would be the $15 fee for going for your Brotherhood membership.
  Price includes $105.00 for T-Bird Club plus Paypal fees.