Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Indian On The Mountain Recipients

Indian On The Mountain Award

The Skyuka Lodge Indian on the Mountain Award was started in 1989 as a way to honor Arrowmen and Advisors with an award that was truly Skyuka in its origins.  The Indian on the Mountain was the first patch for lodge members and the first Vigil Honor members wore them on yellow neckerchiefs. What better symbol of our heritage and history of our lodge than our first patch.  The criteria for the Indian on the Mountain Award are the same as the Founders Award and are given each year to a deserving youth and adult who are the best examples of the spirit of the Order in our Lodge.
Year Youth Adult
2016  Cole Taylor  Roz Simmons
2015 Ryan Hobbs Braden Campbell John Hill Bob Justice
2014 Joseph Kovas Keith McFarland
2013 Steven Long David Simmons
2012 Brent Lowney Jim McGuire Danny Faulkenberry* Doug Chambers* Doug Bartlett* Rick Hoover* Eric Shytles* *=Special Award By Outgoing Lodge Advisor
2011 Zach Roberts Emerson Couch
2010 Taylor Thomas Gib Kohr David Kelly
2009 Wes Boone Dennis Kimbrell
2008 Marshall McArthur Bob Holmes
2007 RJ Plumley Jon Humphries
2006 Adam Simmons Richard Cash
2005 Travis Wood TJ Martin
2004 Chris Garrison Frank Porter
2003 Tommy Jeffords Randy Wells
2002 (Not Awarded) Clyde Davis
2001 Jonathan Malphrus Don Campbell
2000 Jonathan Hayes John McArthur
1999 Jeremy Christie Jim Stone
1998 Drew Martin Harold Sill
1997 Justin Sill Ed Gibbs
1996 Kevin Sill Frank Shytles
1995 Steve Suits Layne Brown
1994 Scott Neely Jim Alverson
1993 Kris Neely Frank Bryson, Jr.
1992 Chris Ledford Dr. Sam Reid, Jr.
1991 Richard Cash Eugene Skinner
1990 Randy Price Bill Murphree
1989 Scott Katrosh Tommy Coggins