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Providing Cheerful Service For Over 65 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 65 Years

Skyuka 2014 Dixie Fellowship Review



2014 Dixie - Skyuka - Delegate


2014-04-28 08.20.29

Skyuka getting their spirit on at the 2014 Dixie Fellowship


Skyuka had an awesome weekend at the 2014 Dixie Fellowship held at Camp Coker and hosted by Santee Lodge.  Spirit filled the air as Skyuka came away with another Spirit Award victory with our “Skyuka One – What’s in Your Lodge” campaign.

BJ Helms - Secretary - OA Logo

Britt Helms, Jr.

Britt Helms Jr., Lodge Secretary and Media Chairman, swept 3 out of 5 of the administrative awards for Skyuka by winning first place in Lodge Newsletter, Lodge Planbook and in the Lodge Website categories – a first for Skyuka Lodge

Our canoeing team took a first place in the Quest for the Golden Arrow while our fire building and knot tying team both brought home third place wins in their respective events.  This put Skyuka in second place, overall, in the Quest this year.

Congratulations to all who help make Skyuka a great lodge year round, not just at Dixie time.

Here is a link to the official run-down of all of the 2014 Dixie Fellowship awards.

We’re gathering pictures and will soon put up a gallery of pics from this year’s event for you to enjoy.

2014 Spring Fellowship Registration

May 16,2014 – May 18,2014    Time: 5:00 pm – 10:30 am

The Skyuka Spring Fellowship is our first lodge event following the Dixie and is always lots of fun.  It is filled with lots of activities as well as opportunities to provide cheerful service to Camp Bob Hardin as we help get it ready for the nearly 1000 campers that will arrive in the coming weeks.  We’ll also elect new lodge and chapter youth leaders as part of the Spring Fellowship.

If you know any scouts or scouters who were unable to attend the Summer Ordeal in 2013, make sure that they are aware of this fellowship as it will be their last opportunity to gain membership in the Order without having to be re-elected. Also, if you know of any Ordeal members who are eligible for Brotherhood, be sure to make them aware of the upcoming event as well. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Skyuka Lodge’s Spring Fellowship on May 16th-18th, 2014 at Camp Bob Hardin.

NOTE: Remember, all attendees must register using the online system, even if paying by check mailed to the Palmetto Council office.  This is a great help to centralize the registration process for our lodge secretary as he works to get attendees signed in at the event and helps us plan for buying food for the event. There is a $5.00 fee added to the regular registration fees for those that show up without signing up online, and those folks are always the last in line for meals as well.

Registration Automagically Closes Sometime On May 9th  May 12th, 2014

Registration For The Spring Fellowship Is Closed


Attendee List for 2014 Skyuka Spring Fellowship

1.) Aaron Anderson
2.) Matthew Anderson
3.) Eric Babb
4.) Doug Bartlett
5.) Luke Barz
6.) William Binkley
7.) Alex Boone
8.) Wes Boone
9.) Nicolas Bopp
10.) Chandler Brady
11.) Chris Bruneau
12.) Patrice Bruneau
13.) Cindy Burt
14.) Tery Burt
15.) Braden Campbell
16.) James Carpenter
17.) Richard Cash
18.) Jason Cecil
19.) Sam Cecil
20.) Doug Chambers
21.) Don Charles
22.) Dan Cockerill
23.) Emerson Couch
24.) Danny Culver
25.) Matthew Culver
26.) David Dalesandro
27.) Andrew Davis
28.) Mike Davis
29.) Wyatt Dinsmore
30.) Aaron Entwistle
31.) John Entwistle
32.) Sebastian Estes
33.) Larry Fann
34.) Douglas Fast
35.) danny faulkenberry
36.) Erik Fey
37.) William Fey
38.) Adam Fields
39.) Andrew Fisher
40.) Addison Fox
41.) Grant Fries
42.) Allen Grooms
43.) Dee Grooms
44.) John Wayne Grooms
45.) Lowell Grooms
46.) alex hall
47.) graham hall
48.) james hall
49.) david harllee
50.) dylan harllee
51.) Jeremiah Hart
52.) Scott Hart
53.) Dustin Hauge
54.) Britt Helms, Jr.
55.) Britt Helms, Sr.
56.) Gabriel Hill
57.) Nathan Hill
58.) john hill
59.) Ryan Hobbs
60.) George Hodges
61.) Bob Holmes
62.) Phillip Hoopingarner
63.) Rick Hoover
64.) Logan Horton
65.) Levi Huggins
66.) Scott Huggins
67.) Jon Humphries
68.) Kristina Humphries
69.) W. Glen Hunnicutt
70.) Thomas Key
71.) Jake Klimpel
72.) RK Knight
73.) Ronnie Knight
74.) Joseph Kovas
75.) Matthew Lifsey
76.) Steven Long
77.) Benjamin Ludolph
78.) Robert Ludolph
79.) Jim Maguire
80.) Dan Malphrus
81.) Benjamin Markowitz
82.) Zachary Markowitz
83.) John McArthur
84.) Keith McFarland
85.) Alex McKenzie
86.) Lisa McKenzie
87.) Harrison Morgan
88.) Jonah Page
89.) Steve Parker
90.) Tyler Parker
91.) Brandon Peeler
92.) Chapman Petty
93.) Connor Phillips
94.) Ted Phillips
95.) RJ Plumley
96.) Christopher Putman
97.) Leon Putman
98.) Aidan Puzzio
99.) Jackson Pye
100.) John Ralyea
101.) Steve Rhodehamel
102.) Justin Rhodehamel
103.) Troy Roberts
104.) zach Roberts
105.) Max Robinson
106.) Will Robinson
107.) Noah Rose
108.) Noah Ross
109.) Tracy Ross
110.) Cole Sanchez
111.) Corey Scholl
112.) Daniel Seay
113.) Roy Seay
114.) Steven Setzer
115.) Austin Shumate
116.) Dallas Shumate
119.) David Simmons
120.) Roz Simmons
121.) Claude Sinclair
122.) Joshua Sizemore
123.) Sebastian (Chase) Slaughter
124.) Jacob Sosebee
125.) Bill stevens
126.) Robert Stoner
127.) Derek Stover
128.) Jacob Stroud
129.) Jason Sturm
130.) Alex Summers
131.) Jack Summers
132.) Jimmy Summers
133.) Cole Taylor
134.) Creighton Taylor
135.) Austin Thomas
136.) Taylor Thomas
137.) Zane Thomas
138.) Nicholas Torrence
139.) James Townsend
140.) Donnie Ward
141.) George Ward
142.) Dan Watson
143.) Daniel Watson
144.) Brice Weakland
145.) Keegan Weakland
146.) Randy Wells
147.) Matthew West
148.) Brian White
149.) David White
150.) Robert (Bob) White
151.) Brian White Jr.

2014 Lodge Games Registration

The Skyuka Lodge Games is our last chance to get things in order before we travel to the Dixie Fellowship in April.  If you’re going to the Dixie, then you really need to be at the Lodge Games to help us determine who are the best brothers to plug into various positions that are available.

You can choose to bring your own steak/burger/chicken/hot dog or you can choose to pay for a steak up front during registration and allow the lodge to get your steak for you to pick up and cook upon arrival at camp.

Registration for the Lodge Games closes automagically sometime on March 14th, extended to March 17th, so please get registered prior to that time.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lodge Games


Registration is now closed


Attendee List for 2014 Lodge Games

2.) Dustin Barnwell
3.) Doug Bartlett
4.) William Binkley
5.) Braden Campbell
6.) James Carpenter
7.) Richard Cash
8.) Craig Charles
9.) Donald Charles
10.) Harry Charles
11.) Jackson Charles
12.) Sam Charles
13.) Dan Cockerill
14.) Emerson Couch
15.) Danny Culver
16.) Matthew Culver
17.) Danny Faulkenberry
18.) Adam Fields
19.) Greyson Floyd
20.) Addison Fox
21.) Tatum Goins
22.) Allen Grooms
23.) Dee Grooms
24.) John Wayne Grooms
25.) Lowell Grooms
26.) David Harllee
27.) dylan harllee
28.) Thomas Harrison
29.) Britt Helms, Jr.
30.) john hill
32.) Ryan Hobbs
33.) Megan Hodges
34.) Rick Hoover
35.) Levi Huggins
36.) Scott Huggins
37.) Joseph Kovas
38.) Matthew Lifsey
39.) Steven Long
40.) Jim Maguire
41.) Teigen Mahoney
42.) Dan Malphrus
43.) David McArthur
44.) John McArthur
45.) Keith McFarland
46.) Kristopher McFarland
47.) Alex McKenzie
48.) Lisa McKenzie
49.) Harrison Morgan
50.) Connor Phillips
51.) Christopher Putman
52.) Leon Putman
53.) John Ralyea
54.) Hulic Ratterree
55.) Hulic, Jr. (Chip) Ratterree
56.) Steven Rhodehamel
57.) Justin Rhodehamel
58.) Noah Rose
59.) Will Rose
62.) David Simmons
63.) Roz Simmons
64.) Claude Sinclair
65.) Elizabeth Stoner
66.) Glenn Stoner
67.) Derek Stover
68.) Jacob Stroud
69.) Alex Summers
70.) Jack Summers
71.) Jimmy Summers
72.) Cole Taylor
73.) Creighton Taylor
74.) Taylor Thomas
75.) Dan Watson
76.) Daniel Watson
77.) Brice Weakland
78.) Keegan Weakland
79.) Matthew West
80.) Brian White
81.) Brian White
82.) Robert (Bob) White

Skyuka To Provide Three NYLT Scholarships

Skyuka Lodge is graciously making three (3) scholarships available for members who are interested in attending the upcoming 2014 Palmetto Council National Youth Leadership Training course at CBH.  The recipients will be chosen from those who apply using the online form linked below.  The lodge agrees to cover $150 of the $175 cost for the course.

Want to know more about NYLT?  Check out the course webpage for more information on this week-long event that is full of fun, fellowship and more.  The course website is

Deadline for applying to be considered for one of the scholarships is February 10th, 2014.  The lodge Key-3 along with the NYLT Scoutmaster will choose the three recipients from those that apply.  The lodge will notify those who are selected so they can complete a registration form for the course.  Those who were not selected will also be notified so they can register for the course on their own before the March 1st, 2014 deadline.

This is an excellent way for the lodge to support the development of our own members into better, stronger leaders.

Thank you to all that applied for the NYLT Scholarships


Time To Submit Your Articles For The Tanawa

Tanawa Newsletter Banner

Please use THIS LINK to submit your articles for the Fall Fellowship edition of the Tanawa newsletter.

Here is a list of some of the articles we’d like to receive and who is responsible for sending them in:

  • Dixie 2014 – Dixie Chairman
  • NOAC – NOAC Chairman/Advisor
  • Letter From The Chief – Lodge Chief
  • Letter From The Lodge Advisor – Lodge Advisor
  • Chapter News – Each Of Our Chapter Chiefs
  • AIA News – VC of AIA
  • Camp Bob Hardin 2014 Update – Camping Promotions Chairman
  • Anyone else that wants to submit an article…

We’d like to receive these no later than January 25th, 2014 to give the Media Chairman time to work his magic and then for brother Dennis Kimbrell to print them for us in time for the banquet.

Just in Time For Christmas – T-Bird Club is back


The T-Bird Club is back and available for purchase – just (barely) in time for Christmas!

In 2012, Skyuka Lodge offered an “all-access” club for those that prefer to pay a one-time fee to register for lodge events. This is being offered again in 2014 and will only be available until March 1st, 2014.

Becoming a member of the exclusive T-Bird Club will automatically register you for the following events during the year:

  • Lodge Games
  • Spring Fellowship
  • Summer Ordeal
  • Fall Fellowship
  • & Your Yearly Dues

The T-bird Club fee does not include the Dixie Fellowship or the Lodge Banquet.

Sorry, This Item Is No Longer Available For Purchase

Register For The 2014 Dixie – Pre-Orders Through 01/19/14


Dixie Patch 2014

The 2014 gathering of lodges from SR-5, known as the Dixie Fellowship, will take place on the weekend of April 25-27 at Camp Coker in Society Hill, SC with Santee Lodge as our host.

This is always a good time of spirit, teamwork, fellowship, food and fun.  You won’t want to miss it!  Space is limited, so get your orders and registration in early.

Pre-order items are available from midnight on 12/16/13 until mid-afternoon on 01/19/14.   After 01/19/14 you will still be able to order extra Skyuka Lodge Dixie t-shirts and hats and register for the event until midnight on 02/28/14 at which time those items will also no longer be available.

Note that in order to pre-order items for the Dixie you must also sign up as a delegate.  Skyuka lodge will not fulfill orders for items ordered by those who are not also signing up as a delegate.  Delegates fees include the following:  1 Skyuka Lodge event flap, 1 Skyuka Lodge event shirt, 1 Dixie delegate patch, Dixie ditty bag, meals and spirit items.

Registrations For The 2014 Dixie Fellowship Are Closed


Attendee List for 2014 Dixie Fellowship

1.) John Bailey
2.) Dustin Barnwell
3.) William Binkley
4.) Harrison Blackwelder
5.) Alex Boone
6.) Stephen Burkell
7.) Braden Campbell
8.) James Carpenter
9.) Richard Cash
10.) Sam Cecil
11.) Doug Chambers
12.) Dan Cockerill
13.) Emerson Couch
14.) david crosby
15.) Danny Culver
16.) Matthew Culver
17.) Todd Davis
18.) Andrew Faile
19.) Douglas Fast
20.) danny faulkenbery
21.) Adam Fields
22.) Addison Fox
23.) Ryan Gause
24.) Tatum Goins
25.) Allen Grooms
26.) Dee Grooms
27.) John Wayne Grooms
28.) Lowell Grooms
29.) david harllee
30.) dylan harllee
31.) Brooks HARRISON
32.) Dustin Hauge
33.) Britt Helms Jr
34.) Ryan Hobbs
35.) Richard Hoover
36.) Scott Hubbard
37.) Levi Huggins
38.) Scott Huggins
39.) Jon Humphries
40.) Kristina Humphries
41.) Joseph Kovas
42.) Matthew Lifsey
43.) Benjamin Ludolph
44.) Teigen Mahoney
45.) David McARthur
46.) John McArthur
47.) Benjamin McCord
48.) Kristopher McFarland
49.) Alex McKenzie
50.) Lisa McKenzie
51.) Harrison Morgan
52.) Connor Phillips
53.) christian queen
54.) Steven Rhodehamel
55.) Justin Rhodehamel
56.) Troy Roberts
57.) Zach Roberts
58.) Glenn Robinson
59.) Max Robinson
60.) Will Robinson
61.) Noah Rose
62.) Noah Rose
63.) Will Rose
64.) Will Rose
65.) Tracy Ross
66.) Austin Shumate
67.) Dallas Shumate
68.) David Simmons
69.) Roz Simmons
70.) Claude Sinclair
71.) bill stevens
72.) Elizabeth Stoner
73.) Glenn Stoner
74.) Derek Stover
75.) Jacob Stroud
76.) Alex Summers
77.) Jack Summers
78.) Jimmy Summers
79.) Cole Taylor
80.) Creighton Taylor
81.) Taylor Thomas
82.) Dan Watson
83.) Daniel Watson
84.) Brice Weakland
85.) Keegan Weakland
86.) Matthew West

2014 Carolina’s OA Indian Seminar

The 2014 Carolina’s OA Indian Seminar is coming up January 24th-26th, 2014 at Mitchell Community College’s Continuing Education Center in Statesville NC.

The cost for the event is $38 (and worth every penny).  Checks should be made out to Eswau Huppeday Lodge.

Skyuka Lodge members wishing to attend should register as part of the Skyuka Lodge contingent no later than January 1st, 2014 by sending their check with the names of those attending to:

John McArthur
c/o Wells & Associates, CPA, LLC
1218C John B. White, Sr. Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Need more information on being a part of the Skyuka Contingent?  Contact John via email by removing the spaces in his address shown below:

jm_wacpa @

You may also call him at work at 864-574-6768 or at home at 864-573-7739.

2014 Skyuka Lodge Awards Banquet


E. Urner Goodman, Founder of the OA, Speaks at the 1978 Skyuka Banquet

Feb 1,2014 –     Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The annual awards banquet is a time of fellowship with our families as well as a time for us to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the Skyuka brothers.  We also take time to honor those among us who have given that extra effort to make Skyuka the best lodge in SR-5.

Join us as this year’s banquet is hosted by the Cherokee Chapter at Providence Baptist Church, 822 Providence Road in Gaffney.

There will be a social hour from 6pm to 7pm and then dinner will begin at 7pm.  During this time there will be a silent auction for all sorts of items of interest with proceeds going to help defray the cost of transportation to the 2015 NOAC.

We will enjoy a guest speaker following the meal.

Tickets ordered online will be held for you at the door of the event.

Registration automagically opens sometime on December 1st, 2013 and closes automagically sometime on January 16th, 2014 Extended to January 24th!

Everyone needs to register online, even if you elect to send your payment into the council office rather than pay through PayPal online.

Registration Is Now Closed


Attendee List for 2014 Skyuka Lodge Awards Banquet

3.) Doug Bartlett
4.) Richard Cash
5.) Doug Chambers
6.) Fran Chambers
7.) Dottie Couch
8.) Emerson Couch
9.) Clyde Davis
10.) Todd Davis
11.) Whitney Davis
12.) Andrew Dobbins
13.) Amanda Fast
14.) Doug Fast
15.) Douglas Fast
16.) Danny Faulkenberry
17.) addison fox
18.) Freddie Gault
19.) Jacob Gault
20.) Jon Nick Gault
21.) Tatum Goins
22.) john wayne grooms
23.) Wayne Hall
24.) david harllee
25.) dylan harllee
26.) Britt Helms Jr
27.) Britt Helms Sr
28.) alex hill
29.) john hill
30.) Ryan Hobbs
33.) Deb Hoover
34.) Rick Hoover
35.) Jon Humphries
36.) Karen Humphries
37.) Kristina Humphries
38.) Steve Kay
39.) dennis kimbrell
40.) linda kimbrell
41.) Joseph Kovas
42.) Susan Kovas
43.) Greg Leitch
44.) Johny Lester
45.) Rick Long
46.) Steven Long
47.) Jim Maguire
48.) David McARthur
49.) Dianne McArthur
50.) Jes McArthur
51.) John McArthur
52.) Keith McFarland
53.) Kristopher McFarland
54.) Harrison Morgan
55.) Bob Ormseth
56.) Marion Outen
57.) Brandon Peeler
58.) Greg Peterson
59.) Zach Peterson
60.) Connor Phillips
61.) RJ Plumley
62.) christian queen
63.) Hulic Ratterree
64.) Nancy Ratterree
65.) Justin Rhodehamel
66.) Steven Rhodehamel
67.) Glenn Robinson
68.) Max Robinson
69.) Will Robinson
70.) Noah Ross
71.) Tracy Ross
72.) Corey Scholl
76.) Adam Simmons
77.) David Simmons
78.) Kimberly Simmons
79.) Roz Simmons
80.) bill stevens
81.) linda stevens
82.) Bob Stoner
83.) Christina Stoner
84.) Elizabeth Stoner
85.) Glenn Stoner
86.) Alex Summers
87.) Jack Summers
88.) Jimmy Summers
89.) Chuck Swoope
90.) Pat Swoope
91.) Kaelan Tate
92.) Cole Taylor
93.) Creighton Taylor
94.) Taylor Thomas
95.) Dan Watson
96.) Daniel Watson
97.) Randy Wells
98.) Randy Wells
99.) Chris White
100.) Robert (Bob) White