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Vice Chief of Program 

Chairman Positions


John Dunn

  • Overseas the planning of Conclave for the Lodge.

  • Helps to run Lodge Games to decide game teams for the event.

  • Helps promote Conclave at all Lodge Events.

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Joseph Cohn

  •  Coordinates Scouts Own Services to be done on Sunday of any event.

    • Creates the service programs and makes sure all programs are printed and handed out accordingly at all Lodge Events.

    • Helps appoint a chapter to lead service.

    • Helps appointed chapter to plan and lead service. 

  • Appoints someone to bless meals before it is served.

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Jonathan Bouldin

  •  Plans the list of games and activities that will take place during fellowship.

  • Come up with new ideas to keep all ordeals and old brothers interested.

  • Secures older youth to run games and explain the rules.

  • Prepare ahead of time for any judges and scoring sheets that a game will require. 

  • Make sure all supplies for games are present.

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Emily Pilarczyk

  • Coordinates a list of projects that will be done during service by ordeals, old brothers, and brotherhood candidates.

  • Secures equipment for projects. Communicates with VCI for elangomats.

  • Attends LEC call before the event to list all of the projects.

  • Ensures all equipment needed for the projects is present.

  • Attends the event to make sure the projects are running smoothly.

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Lester Lewis

  • Assembles a parking team to help guide cars upon arrival.

  • Assembles a security team that will stay up the entire night watching the parking lots and sleeping areas. 

  • ​Each 
  • Shift watching from 10-2 am then 2-6 am. 

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