Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Past Chiefs And Advisors

For any orgainization to be successful, someone must step forward and take leadership of the group.  Over the years an elite group of young men have been elected to serve in our lodge's highest position, Lodge Chief.  We recognize those arrowmen and their advisors who have had so much to do with the success of Skyuka Lodge.  
2015-2016 Alex Summers David Simmons
2014-2015 Joseph Kovas David Simmons
2013-2014 Steven Long David Simmons
2012-2013 Zach Roberts Jon Humphries
2011-2012 Taylor Thomas Jon Humphries
2010-2011 Taylor Thomas Jon Humphries
2009-2010 Andrew Strasburger Jon Humphries
2008-2009 RJ Plumley Clyde Davis
2007-2008 Wes Boone Clyde Davis
2006-2007 Josh May Clyde Davis
2005-2006 Travis Wood Clyde Davis
2004-2005 Thomas Bonner Clyde Davis
2003-2004 Greg Garrison Clyde Davis
2002-2003 Greg Garrison Frank Porter
2001-2002 Jonathan Malphrus Frank Porter
2000-2001 Jeremy Christie Jim Stone
1999-2000 Roger Revell Jim Stone
1998-1999 Jeremy Christie Jim Stone
1997-1998 Drew Martin Ed Gibbs
1996-1997 Eric Shytles Harold Sill
1995-1996 Topher Gibbs Ed Gibbs
1994-1995 Kevin Sill Frank Shytles
1993-1994 Kevin Sill Frank Shytles
1992-1993 Mark Cable Layne Brown
1991-1992 Sam Reid, III Layne Brown
1990-1991 Wayne Stone Dr. Sam Reid
1989-1990 Richard Cash Dr. Sam Reid
1988-1989 Jamie Caggiano Frank Bryson, Jr.
1987-1988 Wayne Stone Frank Bryson, Jr.
1986-1987 Eddie Ellis Claude Hunt
1985-1986 Ben Davis Dr. Kirk Neely
1984-1985 Bobby Cappello Joe Cappello
1983-1984 Kurt Gustafson Bob Holmes
1982-1983 Joey Cappello, Jr. Bob Holmes
1981-1982 Andy McGaha Bob Holmes
1980-1981 John Olds Bob Holmes
1979-1980 Johnny Walker Bob Holmes
1978-1979 Don Charles Bob Holmes
1977-1978 Frank Hacklander Bob Holmes
1976-1977 Don Charles Bob Holmes
1975-1976 Leland Summers/Billy Inman Bob Mitros
1973-1975 Leland Summers Bob Mitros
1972-1973 Leland Summers Cole Allison/Bob Mitros
1971-1972 Kevin Brock/Leland Summers Cole Allison/Bob Mitros
1970-1971 Billy Knight Cole Allison
1969-1970 Dennis Smith Cole Allison
1968-1969 Rickie Spradling Cole Allison
1967-1968 John Ricky Glance C. Spears Alexander
1966-1967 Jim Sander C. Spears Alexander
1965-1966 Chuck Holmes C. Spears Alexander
1964-1965 Keith Parks Dr. T. T. Gault
1963-1964 Dickey Taylor Dr. T. T. Gault
1962-1963 Dean Shehand Dr. T. T. Gault
1961-1962 Jimmy Dawkins Dr. T. T. Gault
1960-1961 Charlie Weathers Harold Malone
1959-1960 Jackie Hicks Harold Malone
1958-1959 Edward Sac Bagwell Harold Malone
1957-1958 Johnny Warlick
1956-1957 Billy Wilkes
1955-1956 Billy Wilkes Bill Huskey
1954-1955 Jerry Cook Bill Huskey
1953-1954 Joel Sexton
1952-1953 Craig Kennedy
1950-1951 Bob Parker