Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge

LODGE BANQUET: This event is usually held in January. The banquet offers a time of good food and fellowship. An added attraction at the banquet is the keynote speaker. In the past such people as "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt, E. Urner Goodman, and Gaylord Perry have honored us as guest speakers. The night is then filled with honors and awards for those men and boys who have given unselfishly of themselves to their home units, districts, council, Skyuka Lodge, and the Order of the Arrow. PRE-DIXIE LODGE GAMES: This event is held in late March or early April to help Skyuka Lodge prepare for the upcoming Dixie Fellowship. It has been a single day event as well as an entire weekend, and held at varying locations. Skyuka has had great success in the competitions at the Dixie Fellowship, and this event helps organize this effort. SPRING FELLOWSHIP: The Spring Fellowship of Skyuka Lodge is a weekend filled with fun, food, ceremonies, projects, and more. This time is used to prepare Camp Bob Hardin for the hundreds of scouts that will attend during the summer. Those Ordeal members that are eligible may crystallize their tie with the Order by gaining their Brotherhood status.  Those Brothers interested in serving as officers in the lodge campaign are elected at this gathering. SUMMER ORDEAL: This gathering comes after summer camp and is held at Camp Bob Hardin. Most Ordeal candidates who were called out during the summer will elect to attend this event. This is a great opportunity for Ordeal members seeking the Brotherhood to perform service as an Elangomat for the Ordeal Candidates. Also at this event all new members of the Vigil honor are called out. Much fellowship as well as many worthwhile projects occur during this later summer event. There are also many sessions that deal with many aspects of Indian dance and culture. FALL FELLOWSHIP: Probably the most important meeting of the members of Skyuka Lodge is the Fall Fellowship. This is because much goes on at this event that affects the lodge during the year to come.  Those Ordeal members that are eligible may crystallize their tie with the Order by gaining their Brotherhood status.  Like all other lodge events, this one features Indian seminars for those who wish to learn more. Our chapters will compete against one another in our Chapter Games event.  While this may seem like the last lodge event of the year, it is really setting the stage for the events of the year to come.

Events attended by Skyuka members, but not always hosted by Skyuka Lodge

INDIAN SEMINARS: There are several Indian Seminars held throughout the area at which Skyuka lodge members may increase their knowledge of Indian history and tradition. Perhaps the best of these is the Carolina OA Indian Seminar. The most recent seminar was held in January in Statesville, NC. The event was  hosted by Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560. For more information on upcoming Indian seminars, check back here or contact the lodge Vice-Chief of Indian Affairs. NOAC: The National Order of the Arrow Conference is held every other year at locations around the country. At NOAC, a Brother may learn about the lodge leadership, Indian History, and many other interesting topics. Also, there are many Indian competitions for the team Dance, Ceremonial teams, Individual Outfits, and Individual Dancing. As always, Patch trading is a fun way to relax. To learn more about NOAC visit the National OA Web Site. DIXIE FELLOWSHIP: The Dixie Fellowship is the common name for the Order of the Arrow Southern Region Section 5 conclave held every April. At this conclave, the eleven lodges in SR-5 compete at Indian Events, administrative events, and quest events. A Brother who attends can learn about the operation of the lodge at the knowledge and training seminars or help Skyuka win the spirit awards. The Dixie is also time for fellowship with Brothers in Skyuka and beyond. Patch trading is also a major part of the Dixie.