Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

2015 Dixie Registration Deadline Reminder

Remember that the deadline to pre-register for the 2015 Dixie Fellowship is on January 21st, 2015.  Pre-registration will allow you to not only register for the event, but to also order some of the great items that they are available for purchase.

Once Dixie pre-registrations are closed on the 21st of January, you can still register for the Dixie itself and order Skyuka Dixie themed t-shirts and hats until February 20th, 2015.

Click Here To Register For The 2015 Dixie Fellowship

Is there someone who should be attending that isn’t listed as registered below?  If so, contact them and remind them to get signed up ASAP!

Attendee List for 2015 Dixie Fellowship

1.) Bill Binkley
2.) William Binkley
3.) Chandler Brady
4.) Chase Brown
5.) Cindy Burt
6.) Tery Burt
7.) Richard B Cash
8.) Doug Chambers
9.) Elton Chapman
10.) Kaleb Chapman
11.) Don Charles
12.) Jadakus Coker
13.) Emerson Couch
14.) Michael Crosby
15.) Danny Culver
16.) Matthew Culver
17.) Andrew Dobbins
18.) Seth Edwards
19.) Danny Faulkenberry
20.) Carter Floyd
21.) Greyson Floyd
22.) Andy Flynt
23.) Keelen Flynt
24.) Addison Fox
25.) Tatum Goins
26.) Allen Grooms
27.) Dee Grooms
28.) John Wayne Grooms
29.) Winky Grooms
30.) Asher Hall
31.) Britt Helms Jr
32.) Britt Helms Sr
33.) Ryan Hobbs
34.) Bob Holmes
35.) Rick Hoover
36.) Andrew Hospodar
37.) William Hospodar
38.) Scott Hubbard
39.) Andrew Huggins
40.) Levi Huggins
41.) Scott Huggins
42.) Jon Humphries
43.) Kristina Humphries
44.) Andrew Jones
45.) Gennie Jones
46.) Dennis Kimbrell
47.) RK Knight
48.) Ronald Knight Jr
49.) Joseph Kovas
50.) Johnny Lester
51.) Matthew Lifsey
52.) Benjamin Ludolph
53.) Robert Ludolph
54.) Zachary Ludolph
55.) Dan Malphrus
56.) John McArthur
57.) Keith McFarland
58.) Kristopher McFarland
59.) Alex McKenzie
60.) Harrison Morgan
61.) Marshall Nord
62.) Mattingly Nord
63.) Justin Rhodehamel
64.) Steve Rhodehamel
65.) Aiden Roberts
66.) Troy Roberts
67.) Zach Roberts
68.) Glenn Robinson
69.) Max Robinson
70.) Will Robinson
71.) Eric Shytles
72.) Frank Shytles
73.) David Simmons
74.) Roz Simmons
75.) Elizabeth Stoner
76.) Glenn Stoner
77.) Jacob Stroud
78.) Alex Summers
79.) Jack Summers
80.) Jimmy Summers
81.) Cole Taylor
82.) Creighton Taylor
83.) Taylor Thomas
84.) Donnie Ward
85.) George Ward
86.) Daniel Watson Jr
87.) Dan Watson Sr
88.) Randy Wells
89.) Matthew West
90.) Bob White
91.) David White
92.) Eli Whitesell
93.) Tim Whitesell

Register For The 2015 Dixie Fellowship

2015 Dixie Fellowship Patch

The 2015 gathering of lodges from SR-5, known as the Dixie Fellowship, will take place on the weekend of April 24-26 at Belk Scout Camp near Charlotte, NC with Catawba Lodge as our host.  This will be a special Dixie celebration since 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow! This is always a good time of spirit, teamwork, fellowship, food and fun.  You won’t want to miss it!  Space is limited, so get your orders and registration in early. Skyuka Lodge members can register for the Dixie for $60 (plus applicable PayPal fees) until 02/20/15. Pre-order memorabilia items are available only from 12/23/14 until it automagically closes sometime on 01/21/15.  After 01/21/15 you will still be able to order extra Skyuka Lodge Dixie t-shirts and hats and register for the event until it automagically closes sometime on 02/20/15 at which time those items will also no longer be available and registration will be closed. Note that in order to pre-order items for the Dixie you must also sign up as a delegate.  Skyuka lodge will not fulfill orders for items ordered by those who are not also signing up as a delegate.  Delegates fees include the following:

  • 1 Skyuka Lodge Dixie-Themed event flap
  • 1 Skyuka Lodge Dixie-Themed event shirt
  • 1 Dixie delegate patch
  • 1 Dixie ditty bag and the items it contains
  • Event meals
  • Skyuka spirit items.

Register For The 2015 Dixie Fellowship Here.


Carolinas Indian Seminar – January 23rd-25th

CIS2015The 2015 Carolina Indian Seminar, hosted by the Eswua Huppeday Lodge 560,  will be held on January 23rd-25th at Mitchell Community College Continuing Education Center, 701 W Front Street Statesville, NC.  The price for the event is $38.00.

We will be registering as a lodge rather than as individuals.   All checks should be made out to Eswua Huppeday Lodge 560.  All payments are due to Chris Garrison by January 3rd.

The checks can be mailed to:

Chris Garrison
2845 Saluda Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730

For more information about attending the Carolina Indian Seminar, you can email Chris or you can reach him by phone: 803-230-3742

Pay Your Annual Dues Quickly And Easily Online

Paying your lodge dues just got a whole lot easier for those of you who somehow missed paying your annual dues when the unit you belong to rechartered for the year.

We’re always glad to make staying an active member of Skyuka Lodge as easy as possible, and allowing for online dues payment is a big step in the right direction.

Dues run from January to December each year and when you renew your dues online, we also collect an additional $1 to cover Paypal fees associated with your purchase.  You can always elect to mail a check for $15 to the council office to cover your annual dues, if you prefer.

Pay your Annual Skyuka Lodge Dues Online


T-Bird Club Memberships Available For A Limited Time


The T-Bird Club is back and available for purchase – just (barely) in time for Christmas!

In 2012, Skyuka Lodge offered an “all-access” club for those that prefer to pay a one-time fee to register for lodge events. This is being offered again in 2015 and will only be available until March 1st, 2015.

Becoming a member of the exclusive T-Bird Club will automatically register you for the following events during the year:

  • Lodge Games
  • Spring Fellowship
  • Summer Ordeal
  • Fall Fellowship
  • & Your Yearly Dues

The T-bird Club fee does not include the Dixie Fellowship or the Lodge Banquet.

Click Here To Become A T-Bird Club Member

2014 Fall Fellowship Registration

The Fall Fellowship is our time to relax and enjoy fellowship and fun with our Skyuka brothers.  Being as it is so close to Halloween, we’ll have pumpkin carving contests, costume contests and lots of other fun.  No work is planned, but you never know when a small opportunity for service might present itself. The Fall Fellowship also is a great time for those interested in any of the many facets of the American Indian Affairs part of the OA to learn more and become involved.  Workshops on various Indian Affairs topics will be available on Saturday and the day will be topped off with a pow-wow following supper on Saturday We will be offering Brotherhood Conversion for anyone who completed their Ordeal prior to the Summer Ordeal this year. So sign up and get ready to have FUN! Registration automagically opens sometime on September 15th and closes automagically sometime on October 23rd.   Everyone needs to register online, even if you elect to send your payment into the council office rather than pay through PayPal online.

Registration is Closed




Register Now For Skyuka AIA Workshop on Sept. 13th

If you are interested in getting involved with our ceremonies team and sing and dance team, then the AIA workshop is the right place for you.

The workshop will be held on September 13th at Providence Baptish Church 822 Providence Road in Gaffney, SC from 10:30 to 4:30. If you are planning to attend the AIA workshop, please RSVP our Vice Chief of American Indian Affairs Dan Watson. You can RSVP between now and until September 3rd. This will help us with ordering materials for moccasins as well as providing lunch for that day.

If you are interested in making moccasins,  be sure to include when you RSVP what your shoe size is. If you have any quesitons, feel free to send us an email and we will be more then welcome to help you out.