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Lodge Chief

Cannon Herring started scouting in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with Troop 329. As he progressed through the early scouting ranks, he moved to Fort Mill South Carolina. There he was introduced to the Order of The Arrow where he and his father both became very involved. Cannon started off by being a chairman for different events, and then in 2021 joined the LEC as Vice Chief of Inductions. He then ran for Lodge Chief in 2022 and has since been the Lodge Chief of Skyuka Lodge. He plans to continue to help other scouts discover a passion for the Order of The Arrow, just as he did when he first joined.

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Lodge Advisor

Jimmy grew up in Sumter, SC, earned his Eagle Scout Award in Troop 349 and was a member of Santee Lodge as a youth.  He has served as Den Leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster of Troop 109 in Rock Hill, and several other Scouting roles as an adult.   He joined Skyuka Lodge in 2003 and has been involved in the Lodge and other Palmetto Council activities along with his 4 children ever since.   Jimmy became Lodge Advisor in 2018 after serving in other Advisor roles.

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Vice Chief of Program

Will Flowers is from Troop 349 in York, SC, and joined Scouting in 2010 as a Cub Scout. After getting his Eagle and Brotherhood in 2022, he tried to be more involved in the lodge. After being chairman for conclave, he ran for Vice Chief of Program for 2023.



Program Advisor

RJ Plumley is from Spartanburg, SC and began his Scouting career in Troop 9, where he earned the rank of Eagle in 2006. His OA career began in 2000, when he went through his Ordeal at Camp Bob Harden. Throughout his time as a youth, he held the offices of Chapter Chief, VC of Program, and Lodge Chief. After he aged out, he took some time off, but returned to act as Treasurer Advisor, VC of Inductions Advisor, and now as VC of Program Advisor. he has enjoyed his time as Advisor, watching youth grow and become leaders in the program. He looks forward to following the path that our future youth leaders set forth for us.

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Vice Chief of American Indian Affairs

Dylan Blackmon is an Eagle Scout from Troop 220 in Fort Mill, SC. She has been in Scouts for 4 years and in the OA for 2 1/2 years. She went through her Ordeal fall of 2020 and her Brotherhood spring of 2021 and was the secretary for the lodge in 2022, now she is the current VCAIA.

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American Indian Affairs Advisor

Chris Garrison is from Rock Hill, SC Native from Troop 33B. He has been in Scouting since 1988, and a member of Skyuka Lodge since 1996.  He received his Eagle Scout in 2001, Vigil Honor in 2003, Indian on the Mountain 2004, Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award in 2017 and Founder’s Award in 2018. He is also a recipient of the Skyuka Lodge Elder’s Charm Award, and have served as AIA Advisor since 2013.



Vice Chief of Inductions

Josh Griffith is from Troop 219 in Fort Mill, SC. He has been active in scouting for 13 years. The past 4 of those years as a member of the Order of the Arrow, This is his second year serving as Vice Chief of Inductions and is looking forward to picking up where he left off last year on improving the Inductions aspects of our Lodge.



Inductions Advisor

Chris is in Troop 219 in Fort Mill, SC, and joined Skyuka Lodge in 2019. Chris completed his Ordeal in 1993 as a part of the Quanopin Lodge 309 in Massachusetts and then his Brotherhood in 1994. He was awarded the Vigil Honor after serving in several LEC positions, including Lodge Chief in 1997 as a part of a merged Grand Monadnock Lodge 309. Chris has served as Skyuka’s Inductions Advisor since 2021 and was awarded the Founder’s Award in 2023.

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Joy Smith has been in Scouts for 4 years and is an Eagle Scout from Troop 220 in Fort Mill, SC. She became a member of the Order of the Arrow in August 2021. She took the role of Secretary for the year 2023.



Secretary Advisor

Doug Bartlett was tapped out and went through his Ordeal in 1975 at the Santee Lodge. Then he had his Brotherhood at Santee Lodge in 1976. He joined Skyuka Lodge in 2001. He became the secretary advisor in 2003 and still continues as secretary advisor. He received his Vigil Honor in 2007. He also attended 8 different NOACs.




Michael Danley is from Troop 720, from Lancaster, SC. He's been in the OA since 2020.



Treasurer Advisor

Elizabeth Stoner is the Advisor to the Treasurer, from Lake Wylie, SC, and have been in OA since 2010.



Immediate Past Lodge Chief



Lodge Staff Advisor

Taylor Thomas is a native of Chester, SC. After graduating from Union County High School, he attended Wofford College where he earned the B.A. in Business Economics. Thomas began working with the Palmetto Council in April of 2013 as a York District Executive. Prior to joining our staff, Thomas was a very active Scouter. As a youth participant, he earned his Eagle Scout with Troop 45. He was also a very active brother in the Skyuka Lodge 270, Order of the Arrow (OA). Thomas held various leadership positions in the OA including two terms as Lodge Chief and one term as the Southern Region Section 5 Training Coordinator. Thomas was recognized by Skyuka Lodge as a Vigil Honor member, Founder’s Award recipient, Indian on the Mountain Award recipient, and Centurion Award recipient.

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