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Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Ordeal Candidate Info

Congratulations on your election to the Order of the Arrow!

So what now?  The information on this page will hopefully answer your questions.  So read on! So what is next? You have one thing to do to become a full member in the Order of the Arrow:  go through the Ordeal weekend.  You have two chances to do this, once in the late summer and in the late spring (you only go through the Ordeal once).  That is it.  Most will go through in late summer.  The ones that cannot make the late summer event will go through Ordeal in the late spring of the following year.  Once completed, you are a full member of the Order, entitled in full to all rights and privileges.  However, if you miss both weekends, you will have to be elected again the next year. How do I register for the weekend? Register for your Ordeal Weekend, by using the event registration links on this site for the event.  This will take you to the council website where you will then select the Ordeal Candidate option.  You will then be required to pay online via credit card to complete your registration and you will receive a confirmation email message of your successful registration. DO NOT ORDER A STEAK WHEN YOU REGISTER.  You need to eat dinner before you arrive on Friday!  Your adventure begins too early for you to be able to cook and eat after you arrive at camp. What is the schedule for the weekend? You need to arrive on Friday evening at Camp Bob Hardin between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm and go to the registration location.  Earlier arrival is better than later.  EAT DINNER BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. All meals on Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be provided.  You can leave after the camp is clean on Sunday morning following worship service, which is typically around 9:00 to 9:30 am. What do I need to bring? You will need to arrive on Friday evening in your Class-A scout uniform, with your Medical Form, and with two bags packed.  One will be used for Friday Night and most of Saturday.  The other will be for you to use late Saturday afternoon through the rest of the weekend. What needs to be in the Friday bag? You need to pack a ground cloth or tarp, sleeping bag, poncho, flashlight, work clothes, work gloves, water bottle, hat, and any basic toiletries that you might need.  Make sure you can easily carry this bag around Camp. What needs to be in the Saturday bag? Additional toiletries (items you will not need until Saturday evening such as shampoo and shaving stuff), towel, washcloth, money (for the trading post Saturday evening and Sunday) and anything else you might want for Adirondack camping on Saturday night. What if I have special medical or dietary needs? You need to bring these up Friday evening as you register so that they can be properly addressed. What do I do when I arrive Friday evening? You will go through registration (wearing your Class-A Uniform and with your Medical Form in hand), stow your non-Friday stuff in the designated location, and then wait with your Friday bag until the activities begin (which should be around 7:30 pm).  Make sure that you can easily carry your Friday bag around Camp! What if I have questions? If you have questions, click here to send an e-mail message to the Skyuka Lodge Chief. Again, Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing you up at Camp Bob Hardin for your Ordeal weekend!