Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Registration for 2016 Lodge Games is Now Open

bsa tbirdA key component to being a force to be reckoned with at the Dixie Fellowship is the preparation that happens prior to the event.  With that in mind, all Skyuka brothers who are signed up to attend the 2016 Dixie are strongly encouraged to sign up for and attend the Lodge Games event on March 18th-20th at Camp Bob Hardin. Registration will close at midnight on March 13th. While there, we will tie up loose ends, brainstorm winning ideas, practice quest events, put the polish on our lodge display, tune our noisemakers and generally get ready to have a great Dixie. We look forward to seeing you at the Lodge Games!

Click Here To Register For The 2016 Lodge Games


Dixie Fellowship is just a few months away. Get registered now!

BSA - 2016 Dixie PatchThe Dixie 2016 will be hosted by Bob White Lodge 87 at Knox Scout Reservation (1150 Fred R. Prater Pkwy, Lincolnton, GA 30817)  on April 22-24th, 2016 and is sure to be a fun-filled weekend. 1000+ scouts and leaders from Section 5 will gather for food, friendship, fellowship and of course, good-natured competition. From AIA activities and competition, Administrative competitions, the Quest for the Golden Arrow and Knowledge and Training sessions, there are plenty of areas for our lodge to engage and excel. Plan on attending the Lodge Games event in March 2016 where we tweak what needs tweaking in order to make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance at the event. You can even get registered for the Dixie now by Clicking Here.  The deadline for pre-ordering Dixie Trading Post Items is January 22nd, 2016. NOTE: Be sure to get copies of your current BSA medical forms to Dixie Advisor Doug Bartlett and he will collect them for both the Lodge Games event in March and the Dixie Fellowship in April.  Mail the COPIES of your BSA medical forms to Doug at the following address: 2016 Dixie, 15003 Ashlight Drive Charlotte NC 28278

Robert “Bob” Justice to be recognized as Distinguished Eagle Scout

BSA - 12 - Bob Justice 2015Congratulations to Skyuka Lodge's former Supreme Chief of the Fire, Robert "Bob" Justice, on his designation as a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. This award is so rare that only 1 out of every 1000 Eagle Scouts has been chosen for the honor since it's inception by the National Eagle Scout Association in 1969. A reception in Bob's honor will be held prior to the council's annual banquet on January 30th, 2016

Carolinas Indian Seminar

The Carolinas Indian Seminar is the premiere AIA event in the area and has attendees from all over the country each year.  Hosted by Eswau Huppeday lodge, this weekend event is a great opportunity to get started in AIA or to hone your AIA skills.  There is also an option for those who would like to attend and observe rather than participate.  Specific Information and a link to get registered are shown below. Location: Mitchell Community College Continuing Education Center, 701 West Front Street, Statesville, NC Date: Friday, January 22nd to Sunday, January 24th, 2016 (Plan to arrive no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on Friday) Event Pricing:
  • Participant cost is $40– the fee includes meals, classes, Friday and Saturday powwows, information booklet, space for sleeping, and event patch.
  • Saturday Day Pass is $23– the fee includes classes, Saturday powwow, and event patch (no meals provided).
  • Saturday Day Pass w/Lunch is $29– the fee includes classes, Saturday powwow, event patch, and lunch.
  • Powwow Only Pass is $6 – the fee provides access to campus after 5:00 pm for non-registered dancers and spectators. Children 5 and under are free but should still register.

Click Here To Get Registered

Register Now For The Fall Fellowship

DHTB PumpkinThe Fall Fellowship is probably the most important meeting of the members of Skyuka Lodge because much goes on at this event that affects the lodge during the year to come. Those Ordeal members that are eligible may crystallize their tie with the Order by gaining their Brotherhood status.   Like all other lodge events, this one features Indian seminars for those who wish to learn more. Additionally, our chapters will compete against one another in our Chapter Games event. While this may seem like the last lodge event of the year, it is really setting the stage for the events of the year to come. Registration will close on the evening of October 25th.  Those who show up without registering will pay event fees plus a $5.00 surcharge.

Registration for the 2015 Skyuka Lodge Fall Fellowship Has Been Closed.

Registration listings will be updated each Friday and at the close of registration - Current As Of 10/25/2015 @ the close of registration.
Those registered to attend so far are: 1. Anderson, Nicholas 2. Atchley, Guy 3. Atchley, Ryan 4. Barnhill, Gray 5. Bartlett, Doug 6. Barton, Alex 7. Bass, Bobby 8. Bass, Evan 9. Beach, Wyatt 10. Berry, David 11. Binkley, William 12. Blackwood, Kevin 13. Boone, Wes 14. Bopp, Nick 15. Brezina, Tyler 16. Brown, Cameron 17. Brown, Derek 18. Burtelle, Austin 19. Campbell, Braden 20. Cash, Richard 21. Cassar, Charles 22. Conklin, Zachary 23. Couch, Emerson 24. Crosby, Jacob 25. Crosby, Michael 26. Davis, Clyde 27. Dunn, Geoffry 28. Dunn, John 29. Faulkenberry, Danny 30. Flanagan, George 31. Fox, Addison 32. Garrison, Christopher 33. Goins, Tatum 34. Grna, Nicholas 35. Grna, Vince 36. Grooms, Allen 37. Grooms, Dee 38. Grooms, John Wayne 39. Grooms, Lowell 40. Hall, Wayne 41. Helms, Britt 42. Helms, Britt Jr. 43. Hoover, Kyle 44. Hoover, Rick 45. Humphries, Jon 46. Humphries, Kristina 47. Kimbrell, Dennis 48. Lifsey, Matthew 49. Little, Kendall 50. Love, Liam 51. Lynch, Russell 52. Maguire, Jim 53. Malphrus, Dan 54. Martin, Thomas 55. McArthur, John 56. McCall, Benjamin 57. McFarland, Kristopher 58. McGaity, Wayne 59. McGarity, Beth 60. McGarity, Steven 61. McKinney, Dennis 62. McPherson, Alan 63. McPherson, Bill 64. Nauttal, Stephen 65. Nord, Marshall 66. Nord, Mattingly 67. Outen, Gabriel 68. Puzzio, Trevor 69. Rhodehamel, Steve 70. Roberts, Aiden 71. Roberts, Hunter 72. Roberts, Troy 73. Robinson, Glenn 74. Robinson, Max 75. Rose, Noah 76. Rose, Will 77. Schmal, Peter 78. Shytles, Eric 79. Shytles, Frank 80. Simmons, David 81. Simmons, Roz 82. Sinclair, Claude 83. Sinclair, Jordan 84. Stone, Caleb 85. Stone, Jimmie 86. Stoner, Bob 87. Stoner, Elizabeth 88. Stoner, Glenn 89. Stroud, Jacob 90. Summers, Jack 91. Summers, Jimmy 92. Taylor, Cole 93. Taylor, Creighton 94. Taylor, Samuel 95. Teska, Hart 96. Teska, Lennie 97. Thomas, Taylor 98. Thornburg, Barry 99. Thornburg, Jeff 100. Turner, Daniel 101. Turner, Jesse 102. Weakland, Brice 103. Weakland, Keegan 104. Wells, Randy 105. Wells, Tom 106. White, Bob 107. White, Rayfeale 108. Wiggins, Anthony 109. Winslow, Jesse