Skyuka Lodge 270

Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge 270 - Providing Cheerful Service For Over 70 Years

Skyuka Lodge’s New Leadership

Your New Leaders - Title - Congratulations to the latest group of young men to step forward and take the reigns of leadership in Skyuka Lodge.  The following were elected at the lodge's Spring Fellowship and will serve a one-year term:
  • Lodge Chief - Steven Long
  • Vice Chief Program - Joseph Kovas
  • Vice Chief of American Indian Affairs (AIA) - Daniel Watson
  • Vice Chief Inductions - Douglas Fast
  • Secretary - Britt Helms, Jr.
  • Treasurer - Ryan Hobbs
Chapters with a representative group of members present at the Spring Fellowship also elected new chapter chiefs.  Those elected were:
  • Braden Campbell - Spartan Chapter
  • Dylan Harllee - York Chapter
The remaining chapters will keep their chiefs from last year until a representative group of members can meet and decide whether to keep their carry-over chief or elect a new chief.

Time To Submit Your Articles For The Tanawa

Please use THIS LINK to submit your articles for the Spring Fellowship edition of the Tanawa newsletter (Voted 2nd best newsletter in SR-5). Here is a list of some of the articles we'd like to receive and who is responsible for sending them in:
  • Dixie 2013 Wrap Up - Dixie Chairman
  • NOAC - NOAC Chairman/Advisor - Got It!
  • Letter From The Chief - Lodge Chief
  • Letter From The Lodge Advisor - Lodge Advisor
  • Chapter News - Each Of Our Chapter Chiefs
  • AIA News - VC of AIA
  • Camp Bob Hardin Update - Camping Promotions Chairman
  • List Of Items We Hope To Accomplish At The Spring Fellowship - ??
  • Anyone else that wants to submit an article...
We'd like to receive these no later than May 7th, 2013 to give the Media Chairman time to work his magic and then for brother Dennis Kimbrell to print them for us.

2013 Dixie Fellowship Roundup

2013 Dixie -Skyukaville - Flamingos - Skyuka 270

The 2013 Dixie was a fantastic gathering of eleven lodges from the Southeast Region Area 5 at Camp Ho Non Wah in Charleston.  There was no doubt that everyone in attendance knew that Skyuka was in the house.  From the early morning conch shell serenade wake-up calls to the flocks of pink plastic flamingos that appeared out of nowhere, the residents of Skyukaville were loud and proud!

It is disappointing that we were unable to retire the spirit award, but Skyukaville residents can be proud of themselves and their efforts when they gaze upon the list of achievements below:
  • Section Honor Lodge
  • Lodge of the Year: 2nd
  • Spirit: 2nd
  • Quest for the Golden Arrow: 1st 
  • Newsletter: 2nd
  • Planbook: 3rd
  • Website: 1st
  • Lodge Display: 2nd 
  • Totem Pole: 2nd 
  • Training: 1st
  • Fire Building: 1st
  • Rifle Shooting: 1st
  • Tent Pitching: 1st
  • Rope Throw: 1st
  • Tug-O-War: 3rd
  • Individual Dance (Fancy): Matt Harris 1st 
  • Parade of Braves (Fancy): Matt Harris 1st

Skyuka Spring Fellowship Registration Open Until May 10th, 2013

The Skyuka Spring Fellowship is our first lodge event following the Dixie and is always lots of fun.  It is filled with lots of activities as well as opportunities to provide cheerful service to Camp Bob Hardin as we help get it ready for the nearly 1000 campers that will arrive in the coming weeks.  We'll also elect new lodge and chapter youth leaders as part of the Spring Fellowship. If you know any scouts or scouters who were unable to attend the Summer Ordeal in 2012, make sure that they are aware of this fellowship as it will be their last opportunity to gain membership in the Order without having to be re-elected. Also, if you know of any Ordeal members who are eligible for Brotherhood, be sure to make them aware of the upcoming event as well. We look forward to seeing you all at Skyuka Lodge’s Spring Fellowship on May 17th-19th, 2013 at Camp Bob Hardin. Remember, all attendees must register using the online system, even if paying by check mailed to the Palmetto Council office.  This is a great help to centralize the registration process for our lodge secretary as he works to get attendees signed in at the event and helps us plan for buying food for the event.  NOTE: There is a $5.00 fee added to the regular registration fees for those that show up without signing up online, and those folks are always the last in line for meals as well.

Registration for Spring Fellowship Is Closed

Just When You Thought It Was Too Late To Register For Dixie…

The Key-3, while eating a cheeseburger in paradise, decided that we needed to add more arrowmen to the flock of Skyukaville residents attending this year's Dixie Fellowship.  So they decided to extend Dixie registration all the way to April 1st (and this is no April Fool). Registration is only $55 and we've made it really easy to register.  Just click on the link below to get signed up and send payment via Paypal.

Oops!  You Waited Too Long To Register Registration Is Now Closed