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Vice Chief of Inductions 

Chairman Positions


Emma Griffith

  • Has a Brotherhood Team formed before any Lodge Event.

  • Promotes brotherhood membership.

  • Encourages ordeal members to come back and seal their membership with brotherhood.

  • Helps all candidates to complete their requirements.

  • Answers any questions the candidates have.

  • Provides the Lodge Secretary letters written by the candidates.

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  • Has an Elangomat Team formed before any Lodge Event.

  • Makes sure all clan groups are covered:

    • Youth and adult Males​

    • Youth and adult Females

  • Each clan has 8 or fewer candidates.

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Emma Griffith

  • Has an Election Team for each Chapter.

    • Plans unit election training for new teams.​

  • Oversees requests, planning, and execution of all elections.

  • Makes sure all elected candidates are entered into Lodge Master.

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See You at an Event!

  • Can have a Firebirds Team.

  • Helps set up all ceremony grounds

  • Helps take down all ceremony grounds.

  • Makes sure all equipment is there:

    • Sashes, Sash Stand, Firepit, and Lanterns.​

  • Would be considered as an act of service.

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